46 of 100 – Student or Teacher

Michael M. is a poet and the facilitator of ‘Smiles through PocketM8,’ which is inspiring others globally.

He believes in giving and loving everyone, everywhere and has dedicated his life to doing exactly that. Currently raising three young children,  Michael enjoys the pure love most of all.

Focused on making a difference in the world, Michael hopes the same for his children. His dream is they will find fulfillment in doing whatever their hearts desire and will value the rewards in creating a environment of kindness.

Michael M., “See your child as the teacher. They are a gift given to you to teach you.” Tip 1

I’ve had no better teacher. As this Dad further states, “They are a teaching compassion, understanding and so much more.”

My son, Michael, has gifted me personal growth, compassion, understanding and, yes, so much more. I am everything I am either because of him or on behalf of him. Becoming his Mom gave me a will to live, a desire to succeed, the awareness that education would matter and employment was possible. I truly am all I am because of his love.

When I found out I was going to have a child, everything changed. I found purpose. I found love. My son began teaching me the moment that ‘stick turned blue.’

On that day, over 28 years ago I became his student. I was his guide, his life manager; but he was my teacher. He taught me how to love, how to be responsible how to care about myself. Through his eyes I gained an understanding that I was worth it, his Mom deserved better and so did he.

I returned to school, dropped the darkness and looked for light in everything I did. I turned my life around to honor him. I wanted to make him proud and to do the right thing. He taught me to care.

He taught me to be a respectable person, a reliable and loving Mom and now a responsible adult. His action continue to challenge me in more ways than he will likely ever know. He has become the type of person I hope to some day be.

He is confident, happy, healthy and makes deliberate choices. He finds time for family, friends and for fun. He is fully engaged in all he does. Michael is an example to me.

He is still my teacher, the best teacher I’ve ever had.


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